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UN Immediately Regrets Allowing the Island of Catan “Member State” Status


The United Nations immediately regretted allowing the small, independent island nation of Catan into its union on Tuesday, as the nation caused an unholy ruckus in the most recent meeting.

America: Okay everyone, let’s get this meeting underway. We’re here to discuss the current situation in the Middle East…


England: Blimey, who let Catan in here?

America: They’re new, remember?


America: Let’s get back on track. Catan, we’ll discuss your international import/export options at a later–


Spain: You mean the World Food Bank? If your country produces excess wheat, you SHOULD be donating to…


[Awkward silence.]

Scotland: Me too.

After the dust settled, the UN immediately unanimously voted to let the annoying nation fend for itself from now on.

No One Stays and Listens Anymore



TRISTAM— Deckard Cain, famed crazy old man, announced today that he’s fed up with today’s upstart new heroes, and is wistful for the days when Diablo first walked the world of Sanctuary, wreaking havoc and terror upon the denizens of the original Tristram.

“It was a different time,” a wistful Cain said. “Back then I would tell a hero to stay awhile and listen, and doggone it, he would stay awhile and listen. They’d buy me a few beers, I’d identify a few items… it really put the hero in a demon slaying mood. But not anymore. Now I’m lucky to get halfway through my quest explanation before they’re running off.”

Local heroes, in the meantime, blame Cain himself for their recent distance.

“Look, I don’t have anything against the guy,” said a fed up barbarian, “but I’m on a mission to save the entire world from demons. The entire world. Every time I stop into town for some potions or something, I don’t have the time to hear a long, drawn out explanation about how Cain has some personal beef with the monster I’m going to slay.”

The Barbarian’s frustrations were echoed by other adventurers, too. “What’s that, Cain?” said a particularly sarcastic Witch Doctor. “The lords of hell are ravaging the lands even as we speak, and you want me to stay awhile and listen to your story about how you once followed a Carrion Bat back to its nest? Thanks, but I’ll just identify my own items from now on.”

“And the smell,” said a local wizard. “That’s something no one talks about. I mean, I know heroes rescued him from a demon cage in Tristram 20 years ago, but has he bothered to shower since then?”

The heroes’ comments seemed to mean little to Cain, however, who insists on chatting up every adventurer who passes by.

“I have great secrets to reveal about the Demon Lords and the terrible monstrosities that plague our land!” Cain said. “If I don’t take the time to talk to the seemingly endless stream of adventurers who pass through our town, what good am I?”

An Open Letter to Princess Peach:

To Her Royal Highness, Princess Peach of Mushroom Kingdom:

You know that we Toads, your loyal subjects, adore you. You are a just, fair ruler, and we have enjoyed years of prosperity under your reign. However, You must realize that you seem to spend an inordinate amount of time being outwitted and captured by Bowser. Like, really. It’s weird.

Nothing against you! We would never seek to imply that our beloved Princess was anything but crafty and wise. But you must realize that Bowser did not get to be King of the Koopas for nothing. He’s a wily one.

With this in mind, we have put together a list of guidelines which we believe will help prevent future kidnappings. Take heed:

  1. If you’re walking in the garden and you notice a big, mysterious clown balloon hovering overhead, don’t wait to see what it is. Go inside! Call Mario for assistance!
  1. Bowser is the only full-fledged dinosaur with the ability to talk in the Mushroom Kingdom. If a talking dinosaur repairman in overalls knocks on your door and tells you he’s there to fix the oven, don’t let him in! Instead, let Mario know.
  1. If you get an invitation to join a free airship tour for a limited time only, remember, Bowser is the only one who even owns one of those things. Don’t feel obligated to “act now.” Simply call Mario. He’ll tell you what to do.
  1. No matter what you receive in the mail, you have not won an “all-expense-paid trip to World 8-4.” World 8-4 is open to the public—it’s just that no one goes there because it’s Bowser’s lava-filled fortress of evil. Consult with Mario.
  1. Look to your left. Now to your right. Is Mario there? Because he should be.

Princess, our top scientists believe that, by following these simple guidelines, you can reduce the rate of your kidnapping by over 90%. We implore you, for the safety of yourself and for your kingdom, Heed these words.

Your Loyal Subjects,

–The Toads

Link to Hyrule: You’re On Your Own

HYRULE—Link, famed Hero of Time and Savior of the Golden Realm, announced today that he is “fed up” with the people of Hyrule, and has told them that they can fend for themselves in the future.

“In order to Navigate Ganon’s nefarious dungeons and recover the Triforce, I need a blue candle to light my way,” Link explained. “I am literally trying to save the world, but no shopkeeper in Hyrule will sell me one for under sixty rupees. It’s wartime profiteering, plain and simple.”

Local shopkeepers were outraged at Link’s announcement.

“Listen, I gots the same three items I always carry. I gots my blue candle, my big honkin shield, and a chunk of meat from a questionable source. I ain’t never dropped my prices before, and no good-for-nothing “Hero-of-Time” is gonna be making me.”

“If we drop our prices,” said another local shopkeeper, “Ganon has already won.”

Despite the shopkeepers’ bravado, Link remains one their most valued/only customers. If he institutes a personal boycott, it could spell disaster for Hyrule’s economy.

“Listen,” Link said. “I found a moblin’s secret hideout, and he just straight up gave me one hundred rupees.” But my own people won’t sell me a magic ring to help me NOT DIE unless I fork over two hundred and fifty rupees. It just makes you wonder whose side they’re on.”

Despite Link’s financial concerns, he is rumored to spend a great deal of time at the local Money Making Game. When asked his opinion on these matters, Link’s mentor, Old Man, had only this to say: “Eastmost peninsula is the secret.” It is unclear to what he is referring.

An Open Letter To Our Starcraft Commander:

Commander, I have been a loyal Marine for almost ten years, now. I’ve fought off Zergling rushes, I’ve survived High-Templar psi-storms. I’ve even been mind-controlled by a Dark Archon. That’s right: I’ve a veteran. And in my time, I’ve worked with all kinds of commanders—some were brilliant; others were outright incompetent. But never have I worked with a commander with such a seeming disregard for Terran life as yourself. It pains me to say this, Commander, but it must be said: You are a noob.

Don’t bother trying to deny it; your actions speak for themselves. Just look at what you’ve already done on this current mission: Your intel reports that we’re facing the Zerg on the far side of this Metalopolis, which means we’re going to be facing everything the Swarm can throw at us—Zerglings, Hydralisks, Ultralisks, and more. We need to muster our forces to prepare for the onslaught, but all you’ve done so far is build supply depots in the shape of a smiley face.

Is your plan to kill the Zerg with kindness? Even if the insectoid alien race recognizes the smiley face for what it is, they despise Terran joy. It can do nothing but fuel their anger against us.

Every commander has a learning curve. I understand that. But learning curve or not, there’s no excuse for building seventeen factories, lifting them off and flying them to separate corners of the battlefield. What tactical advantage did that serve?

Rest assured, Commander, I am not the only one who feels this way. Others have been making their feelings known around the base, too. Just listen to what some of your soldiers have to say:

“I’ve been floating in the bottom-left corner of the battlefield for over twenty minutes. It’s almost as if our Commander completely forgot I was here.” – Medivac Pilot

“Our Commander armed me with a nuclear missile and had me detonate it over our own army. It was horrific. I think he just wanted to see the explosion.” – Covert Ghost

“He sent me and 9 of my SCV buddies to fight an Ultralisk. We never stood a chance. It’s almost as if our Commander is an Infested Terran…holy god, that makes sense.” – Anonymous SCV

In summation, Commander, your policies and actions can at best be described as woefully ignorant, and at worst, the diabolical machinations of a traitorous madman. I implore you: either buy a strategy guide, or step down.


–A Desperately Hopeful Marine.

“Hey! Listen!” With Navi the Fairy






Hey! Listen! Link, the ghost of that deranged old man from the graveyard gave you the HOOKSHOT! Equip it with C buttons and use C to fire it!

Hey! Stop adventuring and listen! The floor is spongy here. I won’t tell you the significance of that, but it may or may not be important later.

Hey! Listen! I have something important to tell you. That monster you’re attacking is vulnerable to swords! …You’re welcome.

Hey! Lon-Lon milk comes from Lon-Lon cows!

Hey! Listen! I know there’ve been seventeen hints to go see the Gorons, but I thought I should interrupt you going to see the Gorons to remind you that we haven’t seen the Gorons in a while. What’s up with that?

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Hey! I’m going to float over there and turn green for a while. Listen! I’m not saying there’s something important there. But I might be not not not not not saying the opposite of that.

Hey! There’s only one possible way to defeat this monster, and that’s to strike it directly—Hey! Listen! The egg you were carrying hatched into a chicken!

Hey! Listen! If you’re going out, I’d really appreciate it if you could pick me up another eight-ball. Look! A dog with a fluffy tail!

It’s Official: Luigi Sucks.


MUSHROOM KINGDOM: Luigi Mario, famed sidekick of hero-plumber Mario Mario, officially announced that he “sucks,” today, finally bringing to rest the long-standing rumor that has haunted his career.

“It’s something I’ve been coming to terms with for a long time now,” said a tearful Luigi in front of a crowd of friends, family, and invited members of the press. “The only time I was ever remotely worthwhile was in some nightmare my brother once had years ago. It’s time I come to grips with that.”

Mario himself was in resolute support of his brother’s announcement.

“It’s tough but fair, and I commend my brother for finally acknowledging it,” he said. “I mean, it’s not as if you ever saw Luigi rescuing Princess Peach, right? Do you know she didn’t even know his name until a few months ago? She was calling him ‘Wario’ until I corrected her.

Bowser, Mario’s arch-nemesis and arguably Luigi’s as well, seemed confused when he heard the announcement.

“Mario has a brother?” he said. “Are you sure?”

“I think I first started to realize the problem back when I did Luigi’s Mansion,” Luigi went on to elaborate. “I mean, around the same time, Mario went the other way and started spraying people with Super-Soakers. Critics raved about how he was reaching out to children. In the meantime, I hunted the souls of the damned with nothing but a vacuum cleaner, and people said I was being too childish. I just can’t win.”

When asked if Luigi will continue adventuring with his brother Mario, Luigi seemed uncertain.

“Let me put it this way. I once went to a party on Halloween, and people thought I was wearing the wrong color Mario costume. That doesn’t do great things for the old self-esteem. I’m looking into other career options right now.”

Although Luigi has not commented on what those options are, he is rumored to be working on getting his arwing liscence with Fox McCloud.

“Listen,” said Fox. “I can’t officially confirm or deny anything. But let’s just say those rumors have been highly exaggerated.”

Ganondorf’s Corner: Couldn’t we all use a little more Triforce of Wisdom in our lives?

Let me paint the picture for you. You’re walking through Kakariko Village, enjoying the sounds of windmills and carpentry. Just as you’re admiring the view of Death Mountain from a rooftop, a woman comes up to you, frantic. She’s lost her chickens. Can you run through the town, find them and toss them back into her chicken pen? She’ll give you something good if you do.

It’s a situation we’ve all been in at one point in our lives. And most of us would say we just don’t have the time. Maybe you’re too busy because you have to release ghosts into the wild in an effort to corrupt the land. Or maybe you’re too busy because you’re trying to find the perfect place in your dungeon to hide a boomerang. Or maybe you’re too busy because, heck, you just gotta destroy Hyrule.

Most of us would simply slay this woman and be done with it. But sometimes it’s good to just step back and think. What would you do if you had the Triforce of Wisdom?

With the Triforce of Wisdom, you may come to realize that helping the poor woman isn’t just the right choice; it’s the only choice. Destroying Hyrule is one thing, but destroying Hyrule’s humanity is an entirely different story. What kind of person would you be if you didn’t help her? And hey, let’s just go ahead and ask the big question. Do you even WANT to enslave a world that’s devoid of common human courtesy?

Now, some of you out there may be thinking, “Woah. Hold on there, Ganondorf, old buddy. Courtesy? Haven’t you committed horrible atrocities by waging a war of conquest upon Hylia that’s spanned millennia, during which you’ve starved myriad Gorons, fed princesses to whale-gods, and added “dorf” to the end of several nouns?”

That’s fair. But let me ask you this: When Wizzrobe needed a partner for his doubles badminton tournament, who stepped up? When Dodongo wanted to take up baking no matter WHAT the other monsters said, who gave it the emotional support it needed? And when the darknut union demanded armor with no backs, who made sure the motion carried all the way through to law? This guy, that’s who. Good old Ganondorf.

So remember to take this lesson of the Triforce of Wisdom to heart. Regardless of your plans for killing imposter forest boys, price-gouging on big shields at one of our many three-item shops, or utter global conquest, it’s the common courtesies we give our friends and neighbors which shows real wisdom.

(Oh, and if you happen to actually FIND the Triforce of Wisdom just lying around or something, could you send it my way? That’d be great.)

This month’s horoscope brought to you by the psychic pokemon, Mewtwo!

Aries – Bill Wesley is embezzling from the company and setting you up to take the fall. Make sure you let Chuck and the rest of the board know so you can beat Bill to the punch.

Taurus – Cheryl had a great time with you the other night and will definitely go out with you again. Be sure to milk it for all it’s worth, because you only have another three dates until she finds out you’re married.

Gemini – Jupiter is transiting to the fifth house, so be sure to avoid any Virgos named Howard Leslie who try to sell you insurance.

Cancer – You don’t have nearly enough plutonium to make your doomsday device work.

Leo – Nobody likes your Christopher Walken impression. Nobody.

Virgo – Duck!

Libra – The safe combination is R23, L15, R3, L25. Try not to forget it again.

Scorpio – Your webcam has been running for five straight days. Just Youtube “dancing alone with teddy bears” if you don’t believe it.

Sagittarius – Your ship doesn’t have proper shielding. Abort!

Capricorn – Four out of five dentists agree: You’re going to die alone.

Aquarius – Careful–he’s going to duck. Someone tipped him off.

Pisces – On the 14th floor, you’ll find a box. In the box you’ll find a key. The key opens locker 52A in Grand Central Station. In the locker is a cell phone. Take it and await further instructions.

Mega Man Strikes Again, Police Baffled

SNAKE MAN’S LAIR: Disaster struck Snake Man’s lair yesterday when Mega Man, notorious cannibal, broke into the beloved robot’s home, murdered him and stole his Search Snakes. It’s the fifth murder in as many weeks, and has baffled citizens and police alike.

“I just don’t understand it,” said a tearful Top Man. “Snake Man was a model citizen, a wonderful robot, and a friend. What kind of deranged madman would hunt him down and wear his snakes as a grisly trophy?”

Mega Man, (also known as “Rockman” in some circles) has already been implicated in the deaths of Gemini Man, Hard Man, Shadow Man and Magnet Man. Attempts to catch him have proven ineffective, and robots everywhere are terrified.

“I covered my entire lair in spikes,” said Needle Man. “Just spikes, everywhere. And I hide in my panic room every night. But he’s coming. I know he’s coming.”

Needle Man’s fears are not entirely unfounded. Magnet Man’s lair was filled with disappearing blocks, a defensive measure that cost millions of dollars to develop and implement. But Magnet Man was killed in his lair last week, and it’s feared that Mega Man may have gained the disappearing block technology for himself.

“But it’s Rush that worries us the most,” said a police spokesman, referring to Mega Man’s rabid, sidekick dog. “Used to be, a robot could protect his lair with large, random gaps in the floor, but Rush changed all that. Gaps are ineffectual against Mega Man and Rush. Completely ineffectual.”

Police are reaching out to the community for help. Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Mega Man, Rush, or the notorious Dr. Light, who is being sought in connection with the murders, should contact the police immediately.

For now, it appears that Mega Man’s horrific rampage will go unchecked.

Snake Man’s funeral will be held at the Wily Center at 12pm.