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No One Stays and Listens Anymore

July 15, 2015



TRISTAM— Deckard Cain, famed crazy old man, announced today that he’s fed up with today’s upstart new heroes, and is wistful for the days when Diablo first walked the world of Sanctuary, wreaking havoc and terror upon the denizens of the original Tristram.

“It was a different time,” a wistful Cain said. “Back then I would tell a hero to stay awhile and listen, and doggone it, he would stay awhile and listen. They’d buy me a few beers, I’d identify a few items… it really put the hero in a demon slaying mood. But not anymore. Now I’m lucky to get halfway through my quest explanation before they’re running off.”

Local heroes, in the meantime, blame Cain himself for their recent distance.

“Look, I don’t have anything against the guy,” said a fed up barbarian, “but I’m on a mission to save the entire world from demons. The entire world. Every time I stop into town for some potions or something, I don’t have the time to hear a long, drawn out explanation about how Cain has some personal beef with the monster I’m going to slay.”

The Barbarian’s frustrations were echoed by other adventurers, too. “What’s that, Cain?” said a particularly sarcastic Witch Doctor. “The lords of hell are ravaging the lands even as we speak, and you want me to stay awhile and listen to your story about how you once followed a Carrion Bat back to its nest? Thanks, but I’ll just identify my own items from now on.”

“And the smell,” said a local wizard. “That’s something no one talks about. I mean, I know heroes rescued him from a demon cage in Tristram 20 years ago, but has he bothered to shower since then?”

The heroes’ comments seemed to mean little to Cain, however, who insists on chatting up every adventurer who passes by.

“I have great secrets to reveal about the Demon Lords and the terrible monstrosities that plague our land!” Cain said. “If I don’t take the time to talk to the seemingly endless stream of adventurers who pass through our town, what good am I?”


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  1. Awesome awesome!

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