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“Hey! Listen!” With Navi the Fairy

March 8, 2015






Hey! Listen! Link, the ghost of that deranged old man from the graveyard gave you the HOOKSHOT! Equip it with C buttons and use C to fire it!

Hey! Stop adventuring and listen! The floor is spongy here. I won’t tell you the significance of that, but it may or may not be important later.

Hey! Listen! I have something important to tell you. That monster you’re attacking is vulnerable to swords! …You’re welcome.

Hey! Lon-Lon milk comes from Lon-Lon cows!

Hey! Listen! I know there’ve been seventeen hints to go see the Gorons, but I thought I should interrupt you going to see the Gorons to remind you that we haven’t seen the Gorons in a while. What’s up with that?

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Hey! I’m going to float over there and turn green for a while. Listen! I’m not saying there’s something important there. But I might be not not not not not saying the opposite of that.

Hey! There’s only one possible way to defeat this monster, and that’s to strike it directly—Hey! Listen! The egg you were carrying hatched into a chicken!

Hey! Listen! If you’re going out, I’d really appreciate it if you could pick me up another eight-ball. Look! A dog with a fluffy tail!


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